Working with Henwick Park enables us to focus on our main objective of representation but also provides the opportunity to potentially provide you the member and the Association with added value.


We will also be hihlighting some funds that may be under your radar but might be worthwhile checking out in case they fill a gap in your clients’ portfolio proposition. As an Association we are not recommending the funds, nor second guessing your investment expertise, merely bringing something of potential interest to your attention. The first asset manager we are highlighting is Rubrics Asset Management and you can access details via our Commercial Benefits tab.

If you are looking to sell your IFA business within the next 5 years?

You should be talking to Henwick Park now.

 Why now?

There are many reasons why you should start your planning well in advance.
First of all, we know the different levers that can enhance the value of your business. This means that we could help you start now to focus on optimising the price that you will ultimately receive.

We also know what different prospective buyers are looking for, and so we can guide you on how to present your business in the best possible way.
Planning is also essential so that the outcomes are what you really want to achieve.

It is also critical to take time to identify and plan to deal with any obstacles or barriers. For example, how best to deal with any historic toxic assets.
Securing a good and fair outcome for all parties
We want to ensure that all parties involved secure a good and fair outcome. This means understanding the needs of all different parties:

  • You and your plans for the future. For example, will you want to stay on for a transition period, or not?
  • To ensure that your staff are looked after as you would wish.
  • To ensure that there is the right cultural fit for your clients

What is so important is taking the time to understand what can be achieved for all parties.

Why Henwick Park?

We know that there are 5 key reasons why IFA firms choose Henwick Park as their partner in selling their business.

 1. Our specialist IFA sales experience. We have advised and helped on a wide range of such transactions, so we know what needs to be done to achieve a sale that suits all parties.We also have an ex-IFA on our team, which means we understand all the issues involved, including the regulatory and insurance requirements. This means that our recommendations are intensely practical.

2. The right fit. Achieving a cultural fit is essential if there is to be a successful sale, that meets your criteria.That is why we will introduce you to potential purchasers when the cultural fit is right. Companies that are aligned in vision and purchase with your own.

3. Achieving the right valuation. We have teamed up with Hardman & Co, a specialist in valuing private companies. Our aim is to help you achieve a valuation that is fair value for all parties. Hardman & Co also understand what is needed to increase the value of businesses and can help to ensure that the right steps are taken.

4.International reach. As well as having a bank of contacts in the UK that are looking to acquire advisory businesses, we have extensive international reach. At any one time we have a number of international organisations looking to make an acquisition in the UK. This means that we have a wide range of potential purchasers for our clients.

 5.Confidentiality. We understand the importance of confidentiality, and so initial conversations can be on a no name basis, and you can affirm the likely fit before getting into detailed discussions.Simply, we act as your partner and adviser throughout the process.  

Free Consultation for members of IFAA

We have agreed a free initial consultation for IFA firms that are members of IFAA, that are thinking of exiting their business over the next 5 years.
This means that you will have some clear pointers on how to approach the sales process, and you will understand how Henwick Park can help you through the whole process.If you are on the IFA acquisition trail, we would like to hear from you as well.

To find out more, or to arrange an initial free consultation, please contact Andy Wills on 01905 697994, or email to [email protected]

The global economy is transitioning to a low carbon economy; ESG and sustainability is now a major influence on our lives.
It is changing client attitudes and the fund management industry, and the regulatory and compliance framework will change this year to reflect the changes taking place.
The survey is being conducted to gain feedback on what you and your clients think about ESG and the impact it has on investing.
Once all the feedback has been collated a report of the findings will be issued to see what investors really think.

Henwick Park ESG survey

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