Some members have seen their FCA invoices rise by 80%. This and the cost of PI is compromising the very future of advice.

The Impartial Advisers Association along with “Financial Planners United” are going run a joint campaign and we want you and your firm to get involved.
Regulation in the UK is notionally “independent” of Government. This allows HM Treasury to blank MPs requesting change or action. 

Recent letter writing campaigns demanding action over FSCS costs have fallen down this rabbit hole. However, there is one Parliamentary body that has oversight and that is the Treasury Select Committee (TSC) which can order enquiries into any aspect of regulation. 

So, we are asking Mel Stride MP, Chairman of the Treasury Select Committee to embark on an enquiry on regulation and its costs. 

The more that MPs ask for this the more likely this is to happen. Select Committee Chairmen are extremely sensitive to backbench pressure. 

You can find links to two documents.

Guide to Writing to Your MP PDF on how to do it.
Model letter to your MP Word document with [Options]. Use this as a guide make the changes to make it personal to you.

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