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Working from an inexpensive office in High Wycombe with a small but dedicated team of professionals, you can rest assured that your membership fee will be invested in the areas where it is most needed. From lobbying to PR, the vast majority of our income will go towards getting a better deal for our members and the impartial advice community. 

The banks currently spend in excess of £250 million on lobbying Governments across Europe to achieve what they want. The impartial advice sector spends, on average, less than £1 million. With your support, we can increase this annual spend to a level that will have a positive effect on the way both the Government and the consumers view our industry.

Join the growing numbers of IFAs determined to have a say in their future.

We charge £240 for each of the first two advisers and £120 for any more advisers your firm has.

£20 a month

Get full membership to the IFAA for one advisor and pay monthly.

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£240 a year

Get full membership to the IFAA for one advisor and pay annually .

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Payment is by Direct Debit only

Additional Advisers

We charge £10 a month (or £120 a year) for each additional adviser you would like to add to your membership after the second one. When you want to join with more than one advisors , please fill out membership application form and standing order and send back to us to [email protected].



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If you are having trouble joining online or you have any questions please get in touch.

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